RTI email

This page will help you create a button which makes your RTI approval a two-click process.

Firstly, if you are using Internet Explorer, right-click the blue text below and click “Add to Favorites”. If you choose the “Favorites bar” or toolbar (the description varies between versions) then you will create a button on the toolbar.

If you are using any other browser it is easier – just drag the blue text below to your Bookmarks bar.

Or if you prefer, you can copy it and paste it as a shortcut on your desktop.

When you have done that, clicking the button will create an email to Healthpay, and all you need to do is click “Send”

eMail Healthpay

We also have links available for Gmail


or Hotmail


If all else fails, then please ensure you send an email each month to admin@healthpay.co.uk with the subject “RTI Approval” and the text “All payments have been made and I authorise Healthpay to make my RTI submission .Please send my final pack.”. Include in your email the code @RTIApproval

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