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About us

Here at Healthpay we specialise in providing payroll services to clients based all around the UK. Along with processing their payroll, employers rely on us for advice on a broad range of employment matters. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we can provide a service that is often not possible when a company has just one employee responsible for processing payroll. We also provide peace of mind to employers as they know their payroll will always get processed.

In order to provide this service, Healthpay acts as an employer’s agent and will need to collect, process and store information about employers and employees. Data is also sourced from HMRC and the pension providers such as, but not limited to, NHS Pension Agency, NEST, NOW and Creation Trust. Information is not collected from publicly accessible sources besides Companies House for limited company information.

Within this document you will find everything you need to know about how Healthpay processes and stores data.

What information do we process?

We will only collect the information we need in order to provide our service and you have the right to know what a company holds on you and how this data is used. The information about employees we process will include but isn’t limited to:

  • Contact information such as name, address and email address
  • Employee details including date of birth, National Insurance number and bank account details
  • Employment details including salary, job title, payslips and pension contributions
  • Documents including those submitted to HMRC and various pension providers
  • Verification checks so we can comply with a number of UK regulations

If at some point you want to know what information of yours we have, you are entitled to file a Subject Access Request (SAR) and we are required to provide you with everything we hold on you. However, if there is something specific you need, please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer as they will be able to advise you further since you may not need to file a SAR.

What do you do if we hold wrong information about you?

It is important that we are processing correct information because if something is wrong, this could delay you getting paid. Should your name, bank account or contact details change for instance, this could affect how we process your payroll so it is important employers are notified so they can update us. The best way to check for this is to look at your payslip. You can also notify us if you want Healthpay to cease processing your data while we correct it but in most cases this shouldn’t be necessary. Once we’re notified of a change in your details, we will correct our records for you.

Does Healthpay have to process my data?

The most common companies you may request to stop processing your data will be marketing ones, especially if you’re receiving lots of unwanted spam. You can also request we stop as well, however this may affect your employer’s ability to pay you each month. If your payroll does end up being switched from us to somewhere else, we will ensure that it is transferred in a suitable format to the new company so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.

How long is data held?

When a company holds your data you are entitled to ask for your information to be removed from their records, commonly known as ‘right to be forgotten’. However, this isn’t always possible since many companies often need to store data for a set period for a number of reasons. If this is your wish, please get in touch with our Data Protection Officer who will be able to look into the matter for you.

Because of our involvement with pensions, we will typically retain some data indefinitely but this isn’t always the case. If we aren’t required to keep information, we will remove it.

Where is your information held?

As part of the processing of payroll, we will store data on our systems but also with third parties in the UK. This allows us to process payroll freely and also provides us with added security. Information is not transferred outside of the UK.

Who can access your data

We will only discuss your data with your employer’s nominated contact(s) for payroll. If we are contacted by anybody else then we will contact a nominated contact to verify that the person contacting us is allowed to do so. Please note that we will not be able to discuss any payroll matters directly with employees, who should direct any enquiries through their employer.

How to complain about the information we hold

Should you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy with how Healthpay have handled your data, please get in touch and we can investigate the matter for you. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can then escalate the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Details can be found on the regulator’s website:

Further details you may need

Data Controller / Processor: Healthpay Limited

Company registered office: Healthpay Ltd, Penstraze Business Centre, TRURO TR4 8PN

Data Protection Officer: George Coburn

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