About Us

Company History

The organisation was formed as Nailsea Healthcare Services Limited in 1991 by John Clegg, who was then working as a Practice Manager in a large general practice. It was born out of links with a neighbouring practice who wanted some help with their payroll.

By 2002 the business had grown and became a partnership known as Nailsea.net – then in 2005 it became a trading name of John Clegg, a sole trader, who had by then become part-time in the “day job”.

In 2009 the trading name of Healthpay was adopted along with healthpay.co.uk as the web address, with John now full time in the business.

In 2010 Michelle Clegg joined the business. She also has extensive experience in General Practice Management. In December 2011 the business became a partnership – John & Michelle Clegg trading as Healthpay. Finally on 1st July 2015 the service became Healthpay Ltd with John and Michelle Clegg as directors. Shortly after that we were joined by Mark Henalla as a third director, who also has experiencing in managing a large general practice and its payroll. In 2017 we welcomed George Coburn to work with us and in June 2018 he became a director. In April 2019 Susie Turton joined us as a director.

Our Service and Customers

Healthpay Ltd has its strengths in serving General Practice. We have extensive knowledge of all the issues that face Practice Managers running a payroll including the NHS Pensions Scheme, GP Registrars and Employed GPs, RTI and Auto Enrolment. We understand that Practice Managers have  many ever-changing demands to keep up with, and so we take over the responsibility for keeping on top of payroll issues, at an affordable price.

We don’t just work for General Practice though – we can take on any small business payroll.


We hope you find this website to be a help rather than a nuisance, but we are always open to ideas for improving and developing it. Please contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions, complaints, or even compliments!

John, Michelle, Mark, George and Susie @ Healthpay

Taking the pain out of payroll